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Travel with Chef Paige


About Chef Paige Healy

Growing up in a restaurant family, Chef Paige had an early education in the art of crafting unforgettable culinary experiences. After college, she moved to Calabria, Italy to deepen her knowledge and enrolled in the Italian Culinary Institute. There she studied under Condé Nast

award-winning Italian Master Chef John Nocita,

eventually being invited to join the ICI team.

After moving back to her hometown of

Richmond, VA she began hosting elegant

Italian al fresco pop-up events at local farms,

which she called “Dinners in the Field.”

The Food Network and Jetsetter Magazine

took notice, dubbing her events

"one of the world’s 10 best outdoor dining experiences.” Sensing the desire of her guests for a greater connection to the foodways of Italy, she began organizing trips for some of her favorite guests— these have grown into the Southern Italy Tour and Italian Wellness Retreat. Join her this September for a colorful gastronomic and cultural journey through the “old country,” an area that so many wonder about but so few venture into. Ci vediamo in Italia!

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